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WHEN WE’RE OLDER —> au for if montgomery scott and leonard mccoy dated as teenagers but were separated with hopes of reuniting. (au created by myself and bourbon—blood)

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WHERE ARE YOU NOW — mumford and sons ○ DON’T LET IT BREAK YOUR HEART — coldplay ○ WISH YOU WERE HERE — pink floyd ○ JESUS — brand new ○ LAST NIGHT ON EARTH — green day ○ LAUGHTER LINES — bastille ○ THOSE NIGHTS — skillet ○ HEY JUDE — joe anderson ○  NEW YORK —  snow patrol ○ SILVER SPRINGS (live) — fleetwood mac

OKAY, if you’re in the Almost Human fandom, reblog this.

Just want to see how many people Fox will fuck over if they choose to cancel.

the fact that on dylan’s blog i’m linked as ‘bae’ makes me more giddy than karl urban and simon do

Happy Forty Fourth Birthday, Simon Pegg! (02/14/1970 — now)

I think you’re the best actor of this generation and you actually wished my best friend a birthday, so I feel contractually obligated to say something to you: you are my all-time favourite actor and the roles you play are spectacular.  You’re a wonderful man, and you are just my role model for acting.

Live Long and Prosper, mate. You deserve it.

Reasons why FOX can’t cancel Almost Human this early into the series:

  • Currently most tv shows that have/are currently successful have started with less than twenty two episodes within the first season. Key examples to provide would be of the following: Spaced; IT CrowdHannibal; Orphan Black; The Walking Dead; The Originals; Teen Wolf; Breaking Bad; Mad Men; Doctor Who; Sherlock. If they give up on the show this early, then it will result in the fandom growing much to be like the Firefly fandom.
  • JJ Abrams has too much power. Literally if you think about it, he was the director to Star Trek and now Star Wars VII. Whether you like or dislike the guy, he has a lot of power as he serves as executive producer. If Fox decides to cancel, he could suggest moving it to ABC, BBC America, NBC, etc in which it could be a huge ‘fuck you’ to Fox. Not like it doesn’t get a big enough fuck you from almost everyone.
  • Fox has aired the episodes out of order. Yes—every episode after the pilot was aired out of order, and the only one that was in the correct order, was episode nine. Meaning that somewhere between airing episode one and two (which was actually episode FIVE), the show did something to piss off the company and drive it to the point where they are trying to cancel it.
  • Fox needs to stop with the offensive bullcrap. The only show that I even bother watching is the Simpsons because Family Guy, American Dad, The Cleveland Show etc.
  • The ratings are high enough to push for a second season. Sure, Metacritic gave it a C— rating for the pilot, but the aired episodes have been getting better. Pilots tend to do that, trust me: I wasn’t keen on watching Hannibal after watching just the pilot. You got to let the show develop and let the audience grow, to let the first members suggest to their friends/teachers/colleagues to watch the show. You can’t just base a show’s future viewings on just the pilot. People who will like the pilot enough will suggest it to their friends and it is an infinitive fanbase.
  • I need Karl Urban, Michael Ealy and Minka Kelly on my TV screen on the weekly basis. 

some kid in my grade was dared to drink a full bottle of scotch, wearing a hockey jersey and shorts and mind you, it’s fucking cold and there is snow everywhere and then climbed on to a toboggan pulled by a full tractor and his brother recorded the whole thing and at the end you could hear him say “that was fucking gay”